Buskowitz Finance, a subsidiary of Buskowitz Development Inc., is an innovative financing company registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission, to invest and provide financing primarily for renewable energy (RE) projects such as and with particular focus on Solar Photovoltaic (PV).



Our goal is to be a lead provider of flexible financing solutions to make access to sustainable solutions easier and more cost-effective for Philippine residents, business owners and energy distribution utilities that will ultimately benefit our country through the active promotion and use of green energy.



Buskowitz Finance has and will continue to build strong relationships with PV installers, Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies (“EPC”) and developers and make them aware of our business model and financial support. Through our collective significant experience and the market conditions currently in the Philippines, BDI Capital is able to offer very competitive and preferred financing options for our clients in the Solar PV Industry. We provide financing solutions that no other bank will, providing our with clients flexibility for the realization of their goals.BDI Capital also has interest to invest in property development such as hotels, resorts, apartment buildings and more.



Buskowitz Finance Inc.’s Directors and Shareholders have diverse and extensive knowledge and many years of experience in global finance, energy and real estate industries. The Management, Directors and Shareholders of BFI consist of a team of professionals that worked in various industries including banking, capital market, real estate development, energy development, construction, hotel, insurance, law, accounting and others.





Our principal office is located at 4th Floor Dominion Building, 833 A. Arnaiz Avenue,
Makati City 1200, Philippines.

+63 2 801 0074

+63 2 729 9253