Commercial Solar Panels

Our Team helps develop solar projects that utilize untapped solar energy across the Philippines.

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Commercial Solar Panels in the Philippines

The installation of commercial solar panels is getting more popular in the Philippines.  Companies now realize the advantages of Solar Power to the environment, to businesses and the economy. If you happen to have any requirement with Solar Planning, Installation or Financing, we’re here to help.

We are one of the few but prominent Installers of Commercial Solar Panels in the Philippines that have provided commercial solar solutions to a wide variety of businesses ranging from breweries, cold storages, warehouses, educational institutions and more. ERA’s innovative solar technology focuses on allowing customers to maximize savings, gain energy independence, and reach sustainability ambitions.

Commercial Solar Power

Commercial solar power is not uncommon in the Philippines, due to the high demand of reliable and green energy in city centers and rural areas. Commercial solar energy is beneficial not just to the establishment with the system but also to the surrounding community. Utilizing the energy from the sun and using it to power your property during the day is a clean, efficient and environmentally responsible way to save money.


The Advantage of Commerial Solar Power

Any commercial establishment or business with a huge roof space could benefit from the installation of commercial solar panels.

We install solar power systems on rooftops of buildings, malls, schools and communities all throughout the Philippines.


By installing Commercial Power Systems, you reap the following benefits:

  • REDUCE ELECTRICITY COST. Probably the biggest advantage of Solar Electricity is that it helps you save on your electricity bill.
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Utilizing solar power is a sound investment. It helps you generate long-term savings and earn incentives.
  • LOWER MAINTENANCE COST. Solar Panels are long lasting and Solar Powered Systems requires very little maintenance and monitoring.
  • INCREASE PROPERTY VALUE. The advantage of solar extends beyond savings on your electricity bill. The value of your property would yield a higher asking price.
  • HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. Utilizing Solar Energy helps in saving the planet by reducing greenhouse emissions and it contributes in Economic Growth by helping create green jobs.


Commercial Solar Energy + Power of Solar Panels

A single standing commercial solar panel can generate up to 260 watts per hour. That would be enough to power 32 lightbulbs or two sixty watt light bulbs (120 watts). Add an inkjet printer (35 watts), computer (55 watts), 17″ LCD flat screen monitor (45 watts), and a cellphone (5 watts) and you have enough solar energy to power an office, fully running at 260 watts.


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