Residential Solar Power

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Residential Solar Power Systems in the Philippines

Residential Solar Power is getting more popular in the Philippines as Solar Energy is getting accessible to common Filipinos. There is now a significant growth in number of Filipino Homeowners going Solar due to the availability of flexible financing options.

Now is the best time to switch to renewable energy. According to this post from Manila Bulletin there is a call for the uptake of solar energy.

At present, the Philippines produces 29 percent of its electricity through renewable sources, with the Department of Energy looking to raise it to 40 percent by 2020. The mainstream adoption of renewable energy will result in creation of jobs and lower power generation costs that allow households to return the difference in savings to their budgets.


The potential of Residential Solar Power

Residential Solar Power can help you save up to 50% on your electricity bill. During the day the Solar cells on the panels harvest enough energy for hourly heating, lighting and cooling of your home. We have a team of experienced engineers and solar experts that install tailor-fit systems that can cater to your daily energy requirements. Today’s innovation has made solar power for home use easy and efficient. The Solar Panels for your solar powered home can last up to 25 +years and adds value to your property. Installing the panels does not require heavy machinery and in just a few days you can have solar power for your home.


Add Value to your home with Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy is the future and will empower Filipinos to build efficiently and take a step on creating a better tomorrow. Having residential solar electricity doesn’t just benefit your wallet on the whole it adds value to your home. With the cost of living rising, more and more households are looking at ways to reduce the cost of bills and other expenses.

We supply and install residential solar energy throughout the Philippines, with a variety of home solar panel options available to suit a range of needs and budget.

How Residential Solar Power Works

  1. 1. Sunlight is absorbed by Solar Panels installed on your Solar Powered Home.
  2. 2. Solar Panels made of Photovoltaic (PV) Cells convert the absorbed energy to DC current.
  3. 3. Inverter converts DC to 240V Alternating Current (AC).
  4. 4. Solar Power is prioritized over grid power.
  5. 5. Grid power slowly fills in as the sun sets. At night, the grid powers the home.


Inquire for Solar Power Installation for your home and start saving today. Our company also provides flexible payment methods where you pay the system off with the savings from the Solar PV system. Join our solar residential program and we will guide you step for step. Inquire Now!