Solar Power Installation

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Solar Power Installation Services in the Philippines

Our team of Solar Power Installation experts provides services tailored according to your solar energy need and budget. Our aim is to provide quality solar installations, make it affordable and hassle free.

Solar Power Installation Checklist

  • • The size of solar power system may depend on the size of your roof.
  • • Make sure that the roof is not covered by trees, wall or shade for the best results.
  • • Before scheduling an appointment with your solar provider, find previous electricity bills so your solar power provider fully understands your energy use.
  • • Go with a trusted company that provides detailed estimates.

Solar Buying Guide

Check out our guides below to know more about solar power cost and how it works.

Residential Solar Power Installation

Residential solar power installation is quite simple. We install solar power after the installation of racking’s. This is then followed by AC and DC wiring. Installing solar power takes only a couple of days to complete at most. This solar pv installation will require the best solar panels installers to ensure that your home solar installation will generate the most efficient solar energy production amidst all other solar power installations done locally. The solar energy installation for your home will be a perfect addition to a forward-thinking household. This solar panel install is a small and simple start to a bigger, greener goal.

Commercial Solar Power Installation

The fee for the installation of commercial solar panels is inclusive of installation of solar panels, AC and DC wirings, inverters, racking’s, testing and commissioning. Our solar power installers will take utmost care of the solar panel installation to ensure that the installed solar panels are within international standards.


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